1. Mix & Match of Colours - Canboli

    Posted by La Mode Bebe on 31/12/2013

    We came across Canboli from our overseas buying trip as wewere looking for GOTS certified organic cotton but without the usual colours ofcream or oatmeal. Voila! came Canboli - a brand from Nethelands.

    They started in 2008, with their first collection of mainlycheerful colours, not something that you see usually when you get organiccotton baby clothes. Once we got our hands on these we were very impressed withthe softness, yet we were impressed more by the colours. Their certifiedorganic cotton are from Turkey. GOTS certification means that every step fromfarming the cotton to processing and manufacturing into the baby garment thatwe see has a standard to be satisfied to be called certified organic. This is agreat assurance especially for baby garment. We recommend the sleevelessbodysuits range because of the pending Australian long hot  summer. The colours sure to stand out

    At La Mode Bebe, we are making an effort to make this brandaffordable, hence from now until end of January 2014, Canboli organic productattracts a 25% off discount. Use the code "organic" at check-out. 

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  2. New Brands in Summer 2013/14

    Posted by La Mode Bebe on 31/12/2013

    In the next few issues of this newsletter,we are going to introduce and put a spotlight on the brands that joined us starting October 2013. As a preview here are a few names:


    Silkberry Baby

    The Bamboo Design

    Emotion & Kids

    ...and more...

    Therefore, keep a look out for these!

    Current Discount Codes

    babydisc - 60% off RRP on Petit bout de bonheur, Catasy, Cuite-Bear brand favorites

    organic - 25% off on Canboli, The Bamboo Design, Silkberry Baby brands.

    Well! This is a just short and sweet"Heads-up" before we put our foot on the accelerator with the product reviews. Hope you can join us next time...till then...cheerio!

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  3. Restart! Christmas 2013

    Posted by La Mode Bebe on 31/12/2013

    Hello All! Long Time No See! We are cranking up this newsletter column again after a hiatus of almost 10 months and we have a little more to tell you about our stock for summer 2013/14...and before we forget, wish you all a Merry and Safe Christmas and Happy New Year!As well as this Newsletter you can also catch us on you can find a daily recommendation and a possible deal here and well as the occasion rant and observation!

    On with the show...shall we?

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