New Brands in Summer 2013/14

Posted by La Mode Bebe on 31/12/2013

In the next few issues of this newsletter,we are going to introduce and put a spotlight on the brands that joined us starting October 2013. As a preview here are a few names:


Silkberry Baby

The Bamboo Design

Emotion & Kids

...and more...

Therefore, keep a look out for these!

Current Discount Codes

babydisc - 60% off RRP on Petit bout de bonheur, Catasy, Cuite-Bear brand favorites

organic - 25% off on Canboli, The Bamboo Design, Silkberry Baby brands.

Well! This is a just short and sweet"Heads-up" before we put our foot on the accelerator with the product reviews. Hope you can join us next time...till then...cheerio!